April would usually see the cold grip of winter break allowing some much needed heat to kickstart the spring growth… not this year we’ve had unseasonably cool weather with the winds fluctuating from the North and East making for challenging casting conditions.

Although spring seemed to be late, the welcome sight of the osprey assured us spring had very much arrived. Closely followed by the aerial acrobatic team in the form of the sand martins and arctic terns who seem to have appeared in encouraging numbers and then the ever noisy sandpipers flew in piping their call. The last to appear will be the swifts who should be with us in the coming weeks. 

On the river, we managed to get some fish in the net but with the high water we seemed to be stuck in a frustrating spell of loosing fish, presumably due to running fish not committing to taking the fly in the “classic” way. 

It was great to host the River Spey Anglers Association’s lady’s day on Upper and Middle brae, it is always great to see regulars and also introducing new faces to our sport under the guidance of the RSAA team

April also sees the start of our invasive species control, with giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and white butterbur present on all of the beats we work closely with the Scottish invasive species initiative (SISI) we carried out a few days of spraying over all of the beats targeting giant hogweed which seems to get the jump on any other plant making it for easy spotting and spraying early in the season. 


As the Calendar turns to May , the weather is sure to break and as it does so will our loosing streak and unfortunately the grass will start to grow faster than we can cut it! 

Lewis Webb

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