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What a great time of the year it is to be a gardener, the harvest is in full flow and the garden is full of colour. Our special micro climate that we enjoy in this part of Scotland helps us to grow some extremely surprising crops, who would have thought we could grow peaches, apricots and figs outdoors! Our trees produce fine crops every year and much of the fruit is harvested for our Café where our talented team of Chefs create delicious meals for our customers.

The cooler summer this year has meant that many of the flowers have been a little later than usual but as a result of this they will have plenty of energy and life to keep them going through the autumn months, we have many different varieties so please come and enjoy them.

The herb beds, which were planted last year have matured beautifully and are a riot of colour and scent which our visitors are enjoying as well as the local bee population, I have never seen so many bumble and honey bees in one area. The Chefs have been making good use of the abundance of flowers and foliage so you can also enjoy the flavours of the herbs too.



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