The Garden Project

Welcome to Gordon Castle Walled Garden – an ongoing renovation project to breathe life back into this historic Scottish treasure. At over eight acres, The Walled Garden at Gordon Castle is one of the largest in the country and once restored will be the largest fully productive walled garden in Scotland.

Leading UK garden designer Arne Maynard has drawn up the design for its contemporary restoration. In its heyday, in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, it provided an abundance of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs for the Castle and Estate, and employment for many local people. It was laid mainly to raspberries in the 1950s and run as a commercial soft fruit farm during the latter half of the last century. In its best years over fifty tons of fruit were harvested. Eventually it became uneconomic and has since been kept on a low maintenance programme to preserve its integrity and the 249 espaliered fruit trees that line the walls. Read more about the history of the Walled Garden. 

When Angus and Zara Gordon Lennox started the renovation back in 2013 the site was an overgrown field. Since then, the 15th century plot has been painstakingly restored and there is now a cafe, a shop and a luxury brand. The cafe uses a Plant Pick Plate ethos which means that we create our dishes using garden-grown produce and strive to source all other ingredients locally. The £1.2 million restoration of the Walled Garden has resulted in the employment of 65 local staff, part time and full time, who have all taken the ongoing project into their hearts.

Every visitor to the Walled Garden is supporting us as we continue restoring this vital piece of Scottish history to make it Britain’s largest working kitchen garden.