Salmon Fishing: Tackle Advice

Fishing Tackle
You will need rods, car rod carriers, chest waders (with studs) and life jackets. You are required to wear a life jacket and are advised to wear protective glasses and a hat.  It is best to use your own flies and nylon, although there is limited stock of flies available to buy from the ghillies. We usually use fourteen or fifteen feet rods and twelve pound nylon.

There are a number of popular flies but The Gordon CastleCascade and Garden Ally Shrimp are firm favourites and a range of sizes from six to twelve will probably see you through (famous last words!).  No treble hooks are allowed.

Early in the Season a sinking line is recommended. As the season progresses you will move on to a floating line with a sink tip, then to a floating line only. All this depends, of course, on the height and colour of the water. Your ghillie will be able to advise you on all these matters.

You will need transport to get to and from the Beats. A ‘4 x 4’ vehicle is not necessary and anything other than the most low slung of vehicles will be fine, although be aware that some of the access tracks can be a little rough in winter.

Gordon Castle employs six full-time and three part-time professional ghillies, many of whom have spent a lifetime on the river, and have a wealth of specialist knowledge. They are skilled in teaching people how to fish and are always delighted to offer advice to individual rods provided they do not neglect other fishers on their beat.