After a very destructive off season, with 5 significant storms, which caused considerable damage to our river banks and tracks, we did manage to get fishers on the river for Monday the 12th of February.  Boats repaired and painted, huts revived, logs chopped and stacked, tracks graded, ghillies refreshed, equipment serviced, river blessed – we were off.

We had a wonderful opening day in which the sun (which we hadn’t seen since September) shone and the river behaved herself as if she hadn’t run rampage for the previous three months.

The storms and associated high waters have changed our pools considerably.  It’s going to take Ian, Lewis, David G and David B the beat ghillies, a bit of time to work it all out.  Actually, I detect an air of optimism for this year.  The challenges of a harsh off season may actually be beneficial!  Otters cave, particularly is unrecognisable – it seems to have turned into Otters Loch and has eaten its way into the left bank by 15-20 metres.

Spring is certainly upon us.  There is evidence of green shoots all around and birds are in abundance.  We have already started this years battle against the Invasive species – we hit the knotweed hard last year and are hoping we can really push it back this year.

Whilst our summer fishing is quite full, we still have opportunities for March, April and May.  All the signs are that this year will be significantly better than last.

Castle Water Hut under siege during the October 2023 floods.

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