‘April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks GO!’
Christopher Morley ( John Mistletoe)

It certainly is all go for the gardeners and volunteers in The Walled Garden. Springtime means longer brighter days, when mother nature is ready to go, or should I say grow!! There is much to do, preparation and planting out continues apace.

It is important to prepare the ground by mulching and ploughing so the soil is full of goodness to feed hundreds of seedlings, all lined up in waiting by the greenhouses.

Already the potatoes are planted in the ground and next will be peas, garlic, broad beans and salads.

Davy has all but completed winter landscaping of paths and borders; just in time as weeds emerge; they wait for no man. Early weeding is a necessary job to prevent them spreading while planting out continues.

Tubs of spring tulips and daffodils in full bud await warm sun, then to burst into bloom.

The gardeners have been busy bending supple willow canes over and round them to create a protective dome which will support the flowers as they grow into flower. The young willow, sourced locally from Karen at Naturally Useful in Forres, bends easily into shape. May the sun be with us to encourage flower buds to burst into vibrant colour after cold days of winter and early spring!

The grass is growing too, and soon will be the first cut of the season to tidy the garden for Easter.

Over Easter week a Spring Trail invites visitors to explore the garden and on the 9th an Easter Family Fun Day with face painting and Easter egg hunt. It was such fun last year, a welcome return.

Nearer the end of the month a Gin School event on 29th April is a must for those who would like to create a bespoke gin to their own tastes!! Booking is essential as numbers are limited.

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For two weeks of Easter holiday, The Walled Garden shop is open daily from 11am till 4pm.

Keen gardeners and those looking for unusual gardening delights need search no further. flower trugs, gardener’s hampers, tempting seed packets, the tools with which to plant them and much more.

Scented pelargonium invite you to visit The Potting Shed shop.

The Café is open daily Wednesday to Sunday from 11am till 4pm.

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There is always a ‘happening’ in The Walled Garden as the garden awakes from winter slumbers each day new green shoots, blossoms emerge, flower buds burst into colour serenaded by the calls of resident nesting oyster catchers.

Henry van Dyke wrote: ‘The first day of spring is one thing, but the first spring day is another!’

We wish you all spring days to enjoy the hidden secrets of The Walled Garden.  All are welcome in this special place.

Easter Oat Cookies

This German recipe is quick to make and there will be plenty to share with friends and family over the holiday.
Makes 56 to 60

You will need:
200g butter or margarine
250g porridge oats
180g caster sugar
125g plain flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
Heat the oven to 180C ( 160C fan) 350F, Gas 4. Oil four baking trays. Melt the butter. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, mix in the melted butter then beat in the two eggs.
Deposit in teaspoons on the trays. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes till crisp on the outside, but soft in the middle. Cool on a wire tray and store in an airtight container.
Drizzle with chocolate if liked.


Quick No-Cook Oat Bar
Makes 16

You will need:
175g  porridge oats
30g Pumpkin seeds
30g chocolate chips – milk, dark or white
60g fudge chunks or dried fruit pieces
150g Crunchy peanut butter
60g chocolate nut spread
125g golden syrup

Put the dry ingredients into a bowl. Melt the peanut butter, chocolate nut spread and syrup then mix into the dry ingredients. Press evenly into an oiled 20cm square tin. Chill to set, cut into bars and enjoy. To make a healthier bar replace the fudge pieces with chopped apricots or dried cranberries.

Kindly written by Liz Ashworth for Gordon Castle Walled Garden.

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  • As usual I greatly enjoyed my visit to the gardens when I was in Moray two weeks ago. The restaurant was excellent. I could have wished to see a bit more colour there ;perhaps next year you could have a tulip fest. It is always pleasant to leave the south of England with the daffodills & narcissi already dying to find them just flowering in Scotland. Two springs in one year.

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